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The remarkable element of 10% CBD oil is obviously CBD, sometimes referred to by its full name. cannabidiol. The concentration of 10% simply indicates that, for 10mL of 10% CBD oil, 1mL is Pure CBD at 99%. It is therefore a medium grade from CBD oils, relatively passepartout and easy to dose. The extraction of pure CBD gives rise to a particularly thick material, we add a oil base for facilitate its use.

Weedy chooses to work its 10% CBD oil in addition to organic hemp oil of French origin. This vegetable oil, guaranteed without GMOs, pesticides or heavy metals, is distinguished by being easily absorbable by the human body. She is therefore a energy source which, instead of being stored by the body, on the contrary promotes thermogenesis. The calories are then burned faster than usual and the consumer does not gain weight.

In addition to its nutritional qualitiesour CBD oil also allows much simpler use of CBD which, in its pure form, comes in the form of crumbly crystals and more difficult to dose. The combination of the two products thus allows obtaining a liquid texture easy to handle and store (ideally cool and protected from light).


Anxious to provide its customers with cannabis products of the highest quality, Weedy guarantees that its 10% CBD oil is a vegan product. The industrial hemp plants used for the extraction of CBD belong to the family of c, renowned for the energy and comfort it brings. Thanks to his full spectrum, this oil also containsother components of cannabis beneficial to the body. This is the case with terpenes, which are responsible in particular for aromas, but also with other soothing cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol).

In the respect for European law, prevailing in the main countries in which we deliver (France, Belgium, Luxembourg), only stems and seeds are used for the extraction of our 10% CBD oil. The THC, active ingredient with the planing effects of cannabis, is also isolated during the extraction and is therefore absent from this product. This oil therefore benefits from full spectrum legal cannabis, a broad spectrum in the strict sense, since it is free of any illegal substance.

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It is no coincidence that 10% CBD oil is theone of the most popular products for light cannabis users. It is indeed particularly versatile and easy to use. According to your preferences, your needs and your current possibilities, it adapts to all situations and all modes of use.

If you like the taste, the easiest and most effective way is to take it sublingually. Simply place the desired amount of 10% CBD oil under your tongue, wait 30-40 seconds, then swallow. Cannabinoids can thus enter the body more quickly, for rapid and marked effects. The dosing bottle smart about Weedy allows you to very easily count the drops!

If the bitter, earthy taste of CBD hemp isn’t to your liking, you can also mask it by placing your drops of 10% CBD oil on a sugar, in yogurt, smoothie or any other food. Just avoid too high temperatures (above 200/220 degrees) which start to deteriorate the cannabinoids.

And if you want to innovate, 10% CBD oil is also increasingly popular in the kitchen, and even in massage !


  • CBD: 10%
  • THC: <0,2% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Capacity: 10mL
  • Origin: Swiss organically grown

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